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El Doncel-the nobleman knight of Siguenza

Sep 152015


Sometime ago I mentioned the codex that El Doncel was reading but didn't reveal exactly what it might be. Well, to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, it was most likely the Bible as that volume was the one that most people learned to read from and although the clergy had a monopoly on most of the copies, the nobility, of which Martin de Arce was a member did own a copy or two. They were illuminated like many of the other expensive manuscripts and many were worth a king's ransom, being ornamented with gold leaf and precious jewels. But there is speculation that it might also have been a prayer book, which was used in Catholic services and could be small enough to be carried in a pocket. But since the pages are blank and El Doncel's lips are sealed we will just have to use our imaginations, which is exactly what I have done in my novel about his adventures with his squire Rodrigo. 

The illustration I have included was copied from the original image that is included in one of the first posts. My friend Kay Heavener, an art teacher did the honors and I am grateful for her talented pencil.


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