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Jul 042015


On the back of this etching is information about the artist, William Kolliker, a Swiss born illustrator whose work is well known in the U.S. and Europe. Also included is information about collecting etchings that mentions the fact that you should always collect what appeals to you, which is, of course, my reason for choosing reading in art. Another reason I liked the image of the owl is that I have written a middle grade manuscript about a mole who is determined to write a book but her forest animal friends give her all the wrong advice. Millie Mole, however, does prevail in the end and wins a contest with one of her poems, which gives her the desire to continue her artistic endeavors and proves that she has the write stuff. The manuscript is entitled 'All the Write Stuff', and hopefully some day you will be able to do as the owl in my picture is doing and enjoy the story of Millie Mole for yourself.


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