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Granada, Spain and research for The Relic Hunters and the Santiago Knight.

May 092017

So our trip to Granada and Southern Spain has given me a lion's fountain overflowing with ideas for my third novel about the Relic Hunters. Describing the Alhambra has challenged many more able writers than myself down through the centuries. Images of the intricately molded facades surrounding the palace can be seen on many websites but to actually stand below them and gaze upwards into the starry ceiling is an experience that one will remember for a lifetime.

And let's not forget the sumptuous gardens that would make a Master Gardener envious. Yes, it was an adventure that will forge its way into my final novel about Rodrigo, Rene, Farid and Anne, but today I am eager to post a short section of the story leading up to one of the most exciting scenes in the novel. Working with an artist who is designing an action filled cover I began to realize how important images and exciting scenes are to a novel for young readers. The artist loved my battle scene and the sketches are going along well. I will be posting the cover here and on Author's Den along with the accompanying chapter in the future.

Stay tuned.


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