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Another Bucket List Completed

May 122017

Since I became an author over ten years ago with the publication of my first book it has been a dream of mine to attend the Bologna Book Fair in Bologna, Italy. This book fair is the largest children's book fair in the world and after attending in April it is no exaggeration to believe the hype. There were 78 countries in attendance with over 1,800 children's book publishers manning the many booths. Countless speakers from around the world presented their books and media to a captivated audience.

Although I was attending as an author the media fair intrigued me even more and I was able to travel as an assistant to Richard Barrett of Richard Barrett Productions and see and experience some cutting edge technology. We were delighted to find software to help us prepare the e-book that will soon be on-line. Pubcoder is magical and will work wonders for our project.

The fair lasted four days from April 3-6 and we attended three days and then took in the sights of Bologna including some world class gelato along the way. It was truly an experience I will not soon forget.



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