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Glammaw and Nannerd Get Historical

Jan 292018

 The REAL story behind the characters of 'Glammaw and Nannerd.'

Glammaw and Nannerd Get Historical is a travelogue picture book about two eccentric fun-loving grannies and their granddaughters that has a delightful twist of an ending.

Years  ago my mother, Jimmie Drew Olive Marsh, became the inspiration for the Nannerd character in the manuscript after my thirteen-year old nephew gave her the off-handed compliment asking one day?
“What do you get when you cross a Nanny with a Nerd? Little did I know that day that the name would become the title of a children’s book in the future.

The ‘Glammaw’ character was channeled from a former neighbor who was a dance teacher and whose daughter danced with the Rockettes. She once mentioned to me that she never wanted to be a Granny-too old and fussy. So what else to call a flamboyant dance instructor grandmother but Glammaw?

Then several nights ago, I watched the movie ‘Coco’ and memories of my mother and her spirit came flooding back, especially our family’s special way of remembering her and paying tribute to the amazing character she was-artist, comic, teacher, mother, grandmother, friend. Of course, there are photos displayed of her smiling face in all our homes, as are grandparents in the film, but the immediate lasting way she is remembered is quite a bit different from most family memories.

I don’t recall who started the idea of 'Nanny Points' given to members of the family but it started years ago when she was alive and being her animated free-spirited joyful self. Whether it was running a hamburger joint called Gull Galley on the Freeport beach, collecting shells in Sanibel Island, Florida, or painting sunsets in Galveston she was one of a kind in every way. As far as the artistic talent goes the  only family member who has displayed her talent in that field is my granddaughter Olivia, but we have all inherited her humor and love of life in one area or another.

She has been gone eight years now and her points are still given out to loved ones when they say or do silly things or forget their purse, or lock themselves out of their house or wear mismatched shoes or any number of silly things that mom was famous for.

As oddball as it may seem to the general public it is our way of keeping her spirit alive and active in our family and the people of Sweeny, Texas are conspirators as well. They are aware of our little Nanny point game that keeps our wonderful Jimmie Drew alive in our memories. Only in a very small town could this be possible and encouraged by all her friends who loved her so much. I hope to include some Nanny points in my ‘Glammaw and Nannerd’ books as well.


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