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Jul 042018

Well, it's been seven years since I started the Relic Hunters series and it has gone through numerous revisions, and even a title change, starting out as the Stone Codex. Now The Relic Hunters is about to go through an entire rewrite where I take it from straight historical fiction to a time travel format. Thinking about this now and the dialogue rewrite, it has been so much easier to write it in twentieth first century dialogue than I could ever have imagined.

What ever made me think I could write realistically in the  male voice of a preteen in the year 1486? It's hard enough to write dialogue but to try and capture the culture and time of the fifteenth century is a bit much for someone attempting their first novel. Picture books have always been my forte.

So here I go with a total rewrite of two previous completed middle grade novels, each one 300 pages. I am calling them my practice novels and the research I completed while on two trips to Siguenza, Spain will not be  wasted, because my two main characters will time travel to the exact setting where my first book takes place. A stable in the heart of Siguenza where they will meet Rodrigo and Martin preparing for a battle with the  Moors and a journey on a pilgrimage that  will change all their lives. Get ready for an adventure that includes stolen relics, a mysterious book that was a gift from a queen, an encounter with an evil bishop,  a minstrel and his puzzling apprentice, a runaway squire and  much much more.

Just to keep you interested you can check out my Pinterest page and find pics of my main characters, their mounts, the setting and gobs of historical information about Siguenza, Spain and El Doncel himself.

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