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Jun 112015

The painting that was posted earlier was part of the Hermitage Museum collection in St. Petersburg, Russia. We visited the museum while on our Baltic Sea cruise. As a former librarian and lover of books I had decided that I would take pictures around a theme and one of people reading was the natural result. You will be seeing more of these bookish masterpieces soon from all corners of the Baltic Sea, but my most favorite image is not from the Baltic Sea at all, but from Siguenza, Spain. In fact, I was so infatuated with this image that I wrote an entire novel about him and have been wrestling with the idea of posting it as part of my blog, so stay tuned in to see when it might appear.

These posts will appear every Thursday when I hold court with my critique group that meets at Lone Star Montgomery college in the Woodlands. Keep reading and posting and soon you might catch a glimpse of my knight in shining armor reading his illustrated manuscript that once belonged to a famous monarch of Spain.

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